From: Philipp Klaus Krause <>
To: Development chatter about sdcc <>
Sent: Thu, January 26, 2012 1:39:32 AM
Subject: Re: [sdcc-devel] 8051XA port

Am 26.01.2012 03:50, schrieb Ronald Sudjian:
> Hello,
> Let me introduce myself. I have worked as a software
> engineer and a consultant. NXP microcontrollers caught
> my attention and I have been using several of them. I started
> with the P89C668 and went to the 80C51XA. I ported SDCC
> to the XA back in 2006. So I guess I have been lurking in the
> shadows. I have followed every release since then and re-adjusted
> my port accordingly. Maybe its time to check the work in to the source tree.
> My attached photo is a LCD that runs a guitar training program
> to increase one's speed with chords, scales,etc. The 8051XA
> is controlling everything.
> Some concerns I have are:
> Is there interest?

I'd say yes.

> Code style differences in the SDCC source

You'll have to adapt your code to SDCC style. There's tools that can do
it automatically.

Some questions from me:

How is your port related to what currently is in src/xa51?
 >>     It breaks away from the approach in src/xa51 and follows what is in src/mcs51
Does it pass all the regression tests?
>>      I have not tried this yet
Are you willing to maintain the port if it gets included into sdcc?
>>      I knew somebody was going to ask this. Let me think about it.
Do you have an account at sourceforge?
>>      Yes


P.S.: I do not know much about 8051 or the xa, as I mainly work on the
z80-related ports. How does the xa differ from the 8051?
>>     It has 16 bit address modes and is faster. There is a dptr and
>>    accumulator for compatibility but I don't use it.
>>     The small,medium,large models make little sense when it
>>     comes to code generation
>>     It is a discontinued part.
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