----- prateeksikka wrote:

> On Linux I do,
> sddc test.c(compiling the code , this gives me .ihx file)
> and then
> packihx test.ihx > test.hex (This gives me a hex file).

Instead of packihx, try:
makebin -p <test.ihx >test.bin

I don't believe it is necessary to use packihx before makebin (I could be wrong).

I don't know where the docs for makebin are, but the executable should
be in same dir as packihx.  "
makebin  -h" gives following 2 lines of output:

makebin: convert a Intel IHX file to binary.
Usage: makebin [-p] [-s romsize] [-h]

The default romsize seems to be 32k, and the -p seems to truncate padding at end.