Hi people, i have a problem whem compile a firmware.
    This firmware use DATA, IDATA and XDATA memory area.
    The code use about 13KBytes
    The hardware use 64KB de RAM initialized in 0000h, and many hardware interfaces maped in memory area, switch with a bit (memory/devices)
    I  work in PLM\51 too, and i translate the firmware to PLM language and work very well.
    I saw that when i declare more memory areas the .bin donīt work.
    I donīt know if this is a stack problem or wath..
    Is possible that my make file was wrong..
    I use this line to compile
    sdcc -mmcs51 --model-large --stack-after-data %1.c
    hexbin %1.ihx prog.bin i
    After last sdcc update whe --stack-after-data was supressed, i use
    sdcc -mmcs51 --model-large --stack-auto %1.c
    hexbin %1.ihx prog.bin i
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