If your lab keeps all the orignal 51 opcodes, you don't have to do anything.  If your lab adds opcodes, sdcc just won't use the new instructions.  But if your labs makes changes to hardware registers (sfr), those changes can be accounted for by creating your own special header file which you will include in any firmware you write for your private 51 device.
Good Luck,
Jeff Stout
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ps:My lab has made  some changes for standard 8051 architecture.I think I should make some modifications for  the original 51 source code.But I have no idea about doing it.
Could u give some advices to me? Or to provide some information to me about porting?

At 2011-02-20 12:45:03"" <tangtao87657560@126.com> wrote:
    I am a newbie for SDCC.
    I'm trying to port SDCC to a new architecture 8051.I want to konw which  files in the sdcc source have to be changed?
    Thanks for help!

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