When I compile a hello.c file with SDCC, I always get the message:
?ASlink-Warning-Undefined Global '_serial_interrupt_handler' referenced by
module 'hello'
?ASlink-Warning-Undefined Global '_printf' referenced by
module 'hello'
sdcc -I c:\sdcc\device\include hello.c libsdcc.lib -L c:\sdcc\device\lib
   --code-loc 0x4000
The hello.c source code:
unsigned char _sdcc_external_startup()
  return 0;
void main(void)
  printf("\n\rHello \n\rSee you, bye...");
I'm using sdcc-2.2.1-win32-borland.zip
Does anybody can help me solving that problem ?
                            Thanks in advance,
                            Adrian Angka