I am curious as to the Limitations of the source file path name provided
to sdcc. It seems that if i specify a path like .\Hello.c the assembler
barfs on it because it attempts to create a symbol name with the
path name like  C$.\\Hello.c$146$1$1 ==. and \\is not valid for symbol names.
Consider the Makefile example :
.path.c = .;..\sdcc\lib
.path.h = .;..\sdcc\include
Sources = Hello.c strncmp.c
Make will search the paths for each file specified in the Sources macro.
If it determines that the file located at . (the directory we're compiling from)
then it will attempt build it by calling :
sdcc -c --model-small $<
(the $< is the Dependancy path with path and ext.)
Ideas anyone ?