Hi all,
>How to use structures in SDCC?

Just like you normally would.

> More specifically, is it possible to pass a pointer to a structure as
function parameter? If yes, how?

Just like that, as long as it is a pointer.

> (SDCC doc says it is not possible to pass structures as function
parameters. Does this restriction apply to pointers to structures also?)



Thanks Johan for your fast response. With some amount of permutation and combination I was able to get the structures compiled. The following is what works for me :
//unsigned int eefifo_size(struct eefifo *fifo);
struct eefifo
     int  start;
     int  end;
     char rec_size;
     int  putptr_add;
     int  getptr_add;
     int  max_size;
     char residue;
     int  act_end;
code struct eefifo fifo1 = { 0x0080, 0x7eff, 0x10, 0x0006, 0x0008, 0x07e8, 0x00, 0x7eff };
unsigned int eefifo_putptr, eefifo_getptr;
unsigned int eefifo_size(struct eefifo *fifo)
 eefifo_putptr = EE_read_int(fifo->putptr_add);
 eefifo_getptr = EE_read_int(fifo->getptr_add);
 if (eefifo_putptr == eefifo_getptr)
 else if (eefifo_putptr > eefifo_getptr)
      return ((eefifo_putptr - eefifo_getptr) / fifo->rec_size);
 else if (eefifo_putptr < eefifo_getptr)
     return (fifo->max_size - ((eefifo_getptr - eefifo_putptr) / fifo->rec_size));
#include EEFIFO.h
#include EEFIFO.c
main( )
    unsigned int x;
    x = eefifo_size( &fifo1)
With the prototype of eefifo_size uncommented I get an error message "Actual Argument type different from declration 1" pointing to the closing braces of the function eefifo_size.
With the prototype commented out the function compiles properly.
I am using SDCC 2.2.1 winbinaries on NT 4 box.
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