I don’t want to bother you, but I am in a great need. I am a developer who has a lot of software written in C for 8051 (hardware designed by me) and deployed in many places. Today that hardware is quite old and I want to migrate on the other platform – TINI board for instance. SDCC is going to have an option to generate a native code for TINI (I’ve got to know about it from Geocrawler pages). Unfortunately –mTINInative option in SDCC latest release (Nightly snapshots - from August and October) – generates errors. I downloaded CVS sources to compile it but having no experience in it I would like to ask you some questions first:
---- is any hope that –mTINInative option works well (I know that it is not done yet, so I only ask :) ) ?
---- do you have any snapshot created later than in October that I could use and try it out) ?
Bug (or I only think so):
When you multiply or divide ->–mTINInative mode -> in native code are inserted variables named:
__mulslong_PARM_2 and so on (of course in case of integer digits or multiplying names are different)
and a390 does not recognize it because it is not defined in any native code generated by SDCC.
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Pawel Basaj
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