Hi everybody,
I downloaded the necessary files and installed as instructed in Felix Daners's web page.
Then I tried compling a sample file. The cygwin window froze after displaying the follwoing lines:
    library   file    /usr/local/share/lib/small/libsdcc.lib
    library   file    /usr/local/share/lib/small/libint.lib
    library   file    /usr/local/share/lib/small/liblong.lib
    library   file    /usr/local/share/lib/small/libfloat.lib
I had to press Ctrl-C to come out of this situation.
  .asm, .cdb, .ihx, .lnk, .lst, .map, .rel, .rst and .sym files are all generated.      But .ihx file is empty.
Could you please tell me why .ihx file is not getting generated properly, and what I should do to get it.
   I am working on a NT4 machine.
    cygwin is installed in c:\cygwin
    sdcc is installed in e:\sdcc                     ]
Thanks and regards Ganesh
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