If u can buy Zeevo's Blue Dolphin Kit (999£) that would give u a an all set
board with a bluetooth interface (It has a COM port, Bluetooth controller
and a tiny antenna) which would make life easier for u to interface it to any
processor (in your case 8051). The kit includes two board each board would fit
in the palm of your hand but it's expensive.Here is the link
RFID Tags I don't know much about so can't give any info except that they
created a bit of a controversy. (Some groups had privacy concerns - which
I think was pretty stupid)
Hope this Helps
PS: I am not affiliated with Zeevo in any way, nor would I benefit from their product sales
and am not using an open forum for promoting a certain product .
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Subject: [Sdcc-user] 8051, Bluetooth, RFID

I am undertaking a research project aimed at developing an application (or rather a platform) that will involve 8051's, Bluetooth, RFID's.
Can anyone help me out ? I need some usefull information on Bluetooth as well as RFID, mainly: Bluetooth protocol stacks - embedded, Bluetooth hardware modules, RFID hardware, usefull links.
Has anyone here tried equipping an 8051 with Bluetooth ?
I would appreciate your help.