Well folks, time for some humble pie. Why do you always find the solution shortly after you've put your head over the parapet? In this case it was walking all over the bottom of memory and thus trashing the pointers.
Sorry to bother everyone.
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From: Dave Marples
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Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2000 6:07 AM
Subject: Flat 24 passing pointer to functions

I'm having trouble in flat24 passing xdata pointers into functions (using the TINI board). I posted a bug report onto SourceForge a couple of weeks back but I wondered if anyone else was having this problem and if there were any reliable work-arounds? Of course, it could be sticky fingers on my part but I think I've done all the sanity checks I can.
My project is stuck at the moment 'cos of this one and I was hoping someone could help me out before I dive into the SDCC source (which I'd really like to avoid if possible!)..
Thanks in Advance