Dear All,
We came to know about the SDCC from PJRC. We bought a Microcontroller from PJRC.
I am bit familier with the 8051 Instruction set and I am very new to this SDCC.
We want to develop a project and my requirments are as follows.
1. We have a counter and I can able to ON/OFF through hyperterminal.(eg. Send a command as 'c')
2. Now my aim is to ON/OFF the counter through Microcontroller.
3. For that I need to store the command inside the 8051 memory and whenever I interrupt a button, it should activate the memory location to send the command to the counter.
4. How do I write a command in such away to send a command as 'c' from microcontroller.
Is anyone having sample codes related to this project? If so please send to me to proceed my project.
Thanks & Best Regards,
A. Smila Stanley