As I can insert an archive of Messages in the Internal Eeprom.
 I am using of Sdcc software the two years,e until the moment I did not find problems of conversion of codes, perhaps for being developing directly in assembler.
 I more initiated the use of microcontroller AT89S8252 that posses the ISP function, and for having an internal Eeprom that is very util to my project.
 I developed a program p/sample of messages in the Display, that also can be programmable for the user But I found the following problem:
 The program was developed in Assembler, but I do not obtain to insert the archive of messages in format HEX.
 The idea is to reduce the number of codes of Call, grouping the data sequential mind and soon after to initiate the Loop that will define the amount and form of presentation in the display.
 It sees the model.
EEMEN EQU 00010000b
EEMWE EQU 00001000b
Clr 3Eh
mov SP,#2EH
mov R5,#01
mov P0,#39H ; inicializacao do display
Lcall Comand
mov P0,#06H ; deslocamento do cursor a direita
Lcall Comand
mov P0,#0FH ; mens aparente.Cursor off.
Lcall Comand
mov P0,#01H ; limpa display
Lcall Comand
Jb P2.0,rtp
mov DPTR,#0018h
Call mens
Jnb 3Eh,$
rtp:Jmp scv
mov R0,#17 ; mov 17d p (loop crt)
movx A,@Dptr ; operação detect Line Sync.
Call Tmp
mov P0,A
Call Comand
Inc Dptr
Dec R0
movx A,@Dptr ; pode-se usar amostra a partir daqui.
Call Tmp
mov P0,A
Call Dado
Cjne R0,#0,pki
XRL WMCON,#EEMEN ; Bloqueia Leitura da Eeprom.
pki:Dec R0
Inc Dptr
Sjmp M2S
Clr P3.6 ; RS=1
Setb P3.7 ; clock para display (E)
Clr P3.7
mov R3,#80
loop4:mov R4,#210
loop5:Djnz R4,loop5
Djnz R3,loop4
Ret ; retorno
Setb P3.6 ; identifica dado
Setb P3.7 ; clock para display
Clr P3.7
mov R7,#80
loop1: Djnz R7,loop1
; This is necessary insert inside the Eeprom
; :11 2018 00 2020486F772061726520796F75202020