Hi all,


Iím having a problem porting a Keil app to SDCC. This is the error message:


USB_DESCRIPTOR.c:23: error: struct/union/array 'DeviceDesc' :initialization need

s curly braces


This is the struct at line 23:


const device_descriptor DeviceDesc =


   18,                  // bLength

   0x01,                // bDescriptorType

   0x1001,              // bcdUSB

   0x00,                // bDeviceClass

   0x00,                // bDeviceSubClass

   0x00,                // bDeviceProtocol

   EP0_PACKET_SIZE,     // bMaxPacketSize0

   0xC410,              // idVendor

   0x0000,              // idProduct

   0x0000,              // bcdDevice

   0x01,                // iManufacturer

   0x02,                // iProduct

   0x00,                // iSerialNumber

   0x01                 // bNumConfigurations

}; //end of DeviceDesc


and this is the typedef for device_descriptor:


typedef code struct


   BYTE bLength;                // Size of this Descriptor in Bytes

   BYTE bDescriptorType;        // Descriptor Type (=1)

   WORD bcdUSB;                 // USB Spec Release Number in BCD

   BYTE bDeviceClass;           // Device Class Code

   BYTE bDeviceSubClass;        // Device Subclass Code

   BYTE bDeviceProtocol;        // Device Protocol Code

   BYTE bMaxPacketSize0;        // Maximum Packet Size for EP0

   WORD idVendor;               // Vendor ID

   WORD idProduct;              // Product ID

   WORD bcdDevice;              // Device Release Number in BCD

   BYTE iManufacturer;          // Index of String Desc for Manufacturer

   BYTE iProduct;               // Index of String Desc for Product

   BYTE iSerialNumber;          // Index of String Desc for SerNo

   BYTE bNumConfigurations;     // Number of possible Configurations

} device_descriptor;            // End of Device Descriptor Type


anyone have any idea how to solve this problem? I tried putting a backslash after the =

in the struct at line 23 but that didnít work.



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