#392 Peephole to avoid reload of global variable addresses


The following code, when compiled using SDCC 3.3.1 #8717:

extern int proc_lastpid;
proc_table_insert(void *p)

        return (++proc_lastpid);

produces the assembler below:

   0000                      52 _proc_table_insert_start::
   0000                      53 _proc_table_insert:
                             54 ;test.c:8: return (++proc_lastpid);
                             55 ;       genPlus
                             56 ;fetchLitPair
                             57 ; peephole 51a incremented in (hl) instead of 0 (iy).
   0000 21r00r00      [10]   58         ld      hl, #_proc_lastpid+0
   0003 34            [11]   59         inc     (hl)
   0004 20 04         [12]   60         jr      NZ,00103$
                             61 ; peephole 155 changed absolute to relative conditional jump.
                             62 ;fetchLitPair
                             63 ; peephole 51a incremented in (hl) instead of 1 (iy).
   0006 21r01r00      [10]   64         ld      hl, #_proc_lastpid+1
   0009 34            [11]   65         inc     (hl)
   000A                      66 00103$:
                             67 ;       genRet
                             68 ;fetchPairLong
   000A 2Ar00r00      [16]   69         ld      hl,(_proc_lastpid)
                             70 ;       genLabel
                             71 ; peephole 149 removed unused label 00101$.
                             72 ;       genEndFunction
   000D C9            [10]   73         ret
   000E                      74 _proc_table_insert_end::

Line 69 reloads hl with proc_lastpid+1, which could be avoided. There are many ways of doing this, but I'm trying to think of stuff which is actually possible with SDCC :-)

So, I see we could do:

  • Rework the code completely. The following would use only 8 bytes and leaves the result in hl ready to return to the caller. Only works with pre-increment though, and suspect it would probably need to be done higher up in the C front end than the peephole optimiser. I suppose it would only be valid for a global variable as well, not stack-auto.

ld hl, (proc_lastpid)
inc hl
ld (proc_lastpid), hl

  • In the peephole optimiser, recognise that the reload of hl at line 64 is using the same global address (which isn't going to change, is it?) and an offset of 1 rather than 0. As there are no labels inbetween the two hl loads, we could replace the reload with "inc hl", saving 2 bytes.

I see the peephole already eliminates the use of iy, but is it possible to include something like the above as well?


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