.BAT-File for SDCC with Silabs IDE 2.0

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2004-10-06


    as I ran into some very strange behaviours when using the default settings to compile my multiple source files project in the SiLabs IDE 2.0 I wanted to create a .BAT-file.

    So far I had a partial success that my single files are compiled to .rel-Files. Unfortunatly the linker afterwards fails. Note, that I put the libraries for the large model in a directory called 'small' due to some errors others have posted:

    sdcc --xram-loc 0x0000 --code-loc 0x0000 --idata-loc 0x80 --model-large --use-stdout -V main.rel parallel_io1.rel mmc_io.rel init.rel libsdcc.lib libint.lib liblong.lib libfloat.lib -L f:\Programme\SDCC\lib\small\

    The Linker responds with nothing, at least IDE 2.0 tells me that. What should I do?

    CU, by Seb

    • Maarten Brock

      Maarten Brock - 2004-10-08


      What did you expect? If all goes well, the linker doesn't output anything to stdout. Do you get the linked files (.ihx)?
      If you use SiLabs IDE, don't you want an OMF file by using the --debug option?
      What options do you use for compiling?
      What was the strange behaviour you experienced? Is it still in SiLabs IDE 2.1?
      And I see no reason to put the large libraries in the small directory.



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