can't assign value to struct variable

  • steven

    steven - 2008-11-21

    I can't assign one variable to another variable which has some struct type.

    example :
        typedef struct
           int i;
           char c;
        } someStructType;

        someStructType struct1, struct2;
        void main
          struct1.i = 1;
          struct1.c = 'a';
          strcut2 = struct1;   // can't pass compiler here

    please help me, thank you!

    • Patryk

      Patryk - 2008-11-21

      Even if there have been:
      struct2 = struct1;
      instead of:
      strcut2 = struct1;
      SDCC cannot (yet) assign structures/unions, it's one of it's ANSI incompabilities (see sdccman.pdf, 8.2 ANSI-Compliance, p.97 in v2.8.0 Rev. 5096 2008-03-14).


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