AHelper - 2013-01-23

Hi all,

I am the developer of an operating system for z80-based graphing calculators, located at sf.net/projects/glassos.  Ever since SDCC merged the optralloc branch, SDCC fails to compile code all over the place.  I have been forced to stick with r6069.  The downside is:  There is too much bad code to really pinpoint what goes wrong since the initial marge (both from compiling my own code as well as code in sdcclib). 

Now, I know that SDCC has the -oldralloc flag, but this doesn't actually work - Code still generates incorrectly. Something must have changed outside of the new register allocator upon the merge.  Note that no errors are given when compiling, the output is just wrong.

How should I even submit a bug report for this?  Trying to pinpoint needles in a haystack would take a very long time.