printf_fast_f SIGN display problem

  • S.J

    S.J - 2005-08-04

    Hello all!
    Your help Please!!
    I'm using SDCC V2.5
    The chip of  SILAB  has 32K flash and 4K ram.
    And also CPU speed is about 25MIPS.

    there are lot of resources for implement PRINTF.

    printf_fast_f   SIGN  is incorrect on  values between 0
    and  ( -1) .
    Also format  "%2.2f"  not leads numbers less then 10 with space..

    I tried Small and  Large  model and it was same problem.

    If some one has a file PRINTF_FAST_F.C with this problems corrected or any solution?

    • Frieder Ferlemann

      This forum is not read very frequently - please consider filing a bug report.

    • S.J

      S.J - 2005-08-10

      Thanks Frieder Ferlemann.!
      I already reported on bug.


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