How to predefine EEPROM on PIC16F/pic14?

Lou Cyphre
  • Lou Cyphre

    Lou Cyphre - 2007-02-07

    Say that I have a structure/array, and I wish to predefine EEPROM content with it, which storage class/modifier should I use to declare it?

    I'm thinking of a case like this:
    struct MyStruct {
      uint8_t   one;
      uint8_t   two;
      uint16_t  thousand;

    /*EEPROM*/ struct MyStruct   s = { 1, 2, 1000 };
    How should I define 's' above, to have it in section DEEPROM for linker?


    • Raphael Neider

      Raphael Neider - 2007-03-09

          __code struct MyStruct s = { 1, 2, 1000 };
      do what you want?


    • AP2k

      AP2k - 2007-05-18

      This is what the assembler preprocessor directives to do this will look like:

          org 0x2100
          DE        0xB2,0x03    ;Set the old sizes to maximum

      Note that this snippet is for a project of mine. What it does is effectively making an unsigned BIG endian short of 0x3B2 at the data EEPROM address of 0x00.

      I _think_ that this C code will work, but I havent tested it yet:  short at 0x2100 OldSize = 0xB903;

      Notice that data EEPROM starts at 0x2100. Program EEPROM starts at 0x0000.

      I will probably put in some macros in my port code:

      #define DEFINE_DATA_EEPROM(data,address) {
                org 0x2100+_address
                DE _data

      #define DEFINE_PROGRAM_EEPROM(data, address){
                org _address
                DE _data

      Hope this helps.

      • AP2k

        AP2k - 2007-05-18

        Oops, in those macros I think I might have messed up. The # sign might need to be added before the variables and thier underscores.


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