want to compile sdcc on synology nas

  • skybot

    i run allways in trouble after i "make" sdcc

    bison -y -d -v -o SDCCy.c SDCC.y
    gcc -Wall -pipe -ggdb -g -O2 -I. -I.. -I./../support/Util -I. -I. -c ../support/Util/NewAlloc.c -o NewAlloc.o
    gcc -Wall -pipe -ggdb -g -O2 -I. -I.. -I./../support/Util -I. -I. -c ../support/Util/MySystem.c -o MySystem.o
    gcc -Wall -pipe -ggdb -g -O2 -I. -I.. -I./../support/Util -I. -I. -c ../support/Util/BuildCmd.c -o BuildCmd.o
    gcc -Wall -pipe -ggdb -g -O2 -I. -I.. -I./../support/Util -I. -I. -c ../support/Util/dbuf.c -o dbuf.o
    gcc -Wall -pipe -ggdb -g -O2 -I. -I.. -I./../support/Util -I. -I. -c ../support/Util/dbuf_string.c -o dbuf_string.o
    gcc -Wall -pipe -ggdb -g -O2 -I. -I.. -I./../support/Util -I. -I. -c ../support/Util/findme.c -o findme.o
    make[1]: No rule to make target SDCCy.c', needed bySDCCy.o'. Stop.
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/buildlcd4linux/sdcc/src'
    [sdcc-cc] Error 2

    what i do wrong?

  • Raphael Neider
    Raphael Neider

    Please verify that bison works as expected.

    $ bison -y -d -v -o SDCCy.c SDCC.y

    should create SDCCy.c, but if your bison does not honor -o properly, you may end up having a default output file name (yytab.c or so) and the remaining build fails.

    You might also want to run the command manually to prevent any possibly missing dependency from causing trouble: If bison were still running when SDCCy.o is triggered to be created, SDCCy.c may not yet exist (this is highly improbable, though).

    If you still have problems, please report your bison version information (bison -V) and complete output of the bison command (if any).

  • skybot

    the funny thing is in my folder src is no file SDCCy.c there is allready the file SDCC.y what i do wrong?

    bison (GNU Bison) 2.5.1

    Makefile SDCCdwarf2.c SDCCmem.c avr
    Makefile.in SDCCdwarf2.h SDCCmem.h cdbFile.c
    README SDCCerr.c SDCCnaddr.cc clean.mk
    SDCC.lex SDCCerr.h SDCCnaddr.hpp common.h
    SDCC.y SDCCgen.c SDCCopt.c conf.mk
    SDCCBBlock.c SDCCgen.h SDCCopt.h ds390
    SDCCBBlock.h SDCCglobl.h SDCCpeeph.awk ds400
    SDCCargs.h SDCCglue.c SDCCpeeph.c hc08
    SDCCasm.c SDCCglue.h SDCCpeeph.h mcs51
    SDCCasm.h SDCChasht.c SDCCptropt.c pic14
    SDCCast.c SDCChasht.h SDCCptropt.h pic16
    SDCCast.h SDCCicode.c SDCCralloc.hpp port-clean.mk
    SDCCbitv.c SDCCicode.h SDCCset.c port.h
    SDCCbitv.h SDCClabel.c SDCCset.h port.mk
    SDCCbtree.cc SDCClabel.h SDCCsymt.c regression
    SDCCbtree.h SDCCloop.c SDCCsymt.h reswords.gperf
    SDCCcflow.c SDCCloop.h SDCCsystem.c sdcc.vcxproj
    SDCCcflow.h SDCClospre.cc SDCCsystem.h sdcc.vcxproj.filters
    SDCCcse.c SDCClospre.hpp SDCCtree_dec.hpp version.awk
    SDCCcse.h SDCClrange.c SDCCutil.c xa51
    SDCCdebug.c SDCClrange.h SDCCutil.h yacc.vcxproj
    SDCCdebug.h SDCCmacro.c SDCCval.c z80
    SDCCdflow.c SDCCmacro.h SDCCval.h
    SDCCdflow.h SDCCmain.c altlex.c

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  • skybot

    ok it`s working now i compile bison in version 3. and now its working