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No .rel file for pic14

  • AP2k

    AP2k - 2007-05-24

    Compiling with "sdcc -c -mpic14 -p16f877a " will compile and assemble, but there is no .rel file to link multiple sources. If I compile with "sdcc -c", it compiles using the default processor and DOES give me a .rel file. Is this a bug?

    I also notice that if I compile something like this:

    void main(){
    unsigned volatile char x = 4;
    unsigned volatile char y = 5;
    PORTA = x*y;

    The assembled code will call "__mulchar", but that routine isnt in the assembled file. Whats up with that?

    • Maarten Brock

      Maarten Brock - 2007-05-27

      Pic14 uses a different assembler, not the asxxxx that comes with SDCC and is used for other architectures.

      And __mulchar is not in the assembler file because it is in the library.

    • AP2k

      AP2k - 2007-05-29

      So I've noticed as its correctly in the hex file, just not in the asm file, which was throwing me off.


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