Dubious loops in SDCC

  • robert

    robert - 2008-11-25

    I have a rather small SDCC project on MCS51 - I use  while(1) for an infinite main.  Oddly though, it loops a few times and then marches on to the next code it finds.  The disassembly seems fine - so it must be some kind of crazy stack thing that I haven't been able to track down.  Even when I wrap a goto around the while - it doesn't help.  I have tried --main-return both and and off without any effect.

    Finally, it looks like I fixed it with a for/next with an embedded goto.  It seems to an effective infinite then, but has anyone else seen this of have some suggestions or am I just a little crazy?

    The main thing I want is some stable behavior that can be rationally explained so I can trust this compiler.

    • Maarten Brock

      Maarten Brock - 2008-11-25

      Unless you see this behaviour in a simulator, I think you should distrust your hardware. Do you have a stable Vcc? No watchdog intervening? Is the oscillator frequency correct?

      But if you really think you found a bug in the compiler, file a bug report with the C and generated asm attached.

    • robert

      robert - 2008-11-25

      Haha - how ironic, my customers always have bad bad bad hardware!

      However, in this case, the design has been working fine with Keil C51 for a few months now, I do not have interrupts going, and the behavior is consistent :-/  I will try a different board though.  Also - good idea - I will try it on some simulator and try to get more detail esp if no one else has seen this same behavior.


    • robert

      robert - 2008-11-26

      OK - this may have been causing the issue, but if not it is a definite problem by itself, SDCC is thrashing the stack.  Is it some setting I have missed or do I have to manage this 100% on my own?  From the users manual - I got the impression that the startup code would automatically take care of such things (as the SP=07).

      Source Code:

      struct LCD_STRUCT {
          char Buffer[50];

      data struct LCD_STRUCT Lcd;

      Map file:

      Area                               Addr   Size   Decimal Bytes (Attributes)
      --------------------------------   ----   ----   ------- ----- ------------
      DSEG                               0000   0032 =     50. bytes (REL,CON)

            Value  Global
         --------  --------------------------------
           0008    G$Lcd$0$0
           0008    _Lcd

    • robert

      robert - 2008-11-27

      I root caused it to the stack problem. A call inside the loop went awry and the bad return looked at first like the while() was errant.


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