basanth samrat - 2008-02-19

i am using sdcc version   mcs51/gbz80/z80/avr/ds390/pic14 2.3.0 (Sep 20 2001) (UNIX) and i am facing a problem in  finding hex packet.
i am using commands:sdcc --debug --stack-after-data --model-large --compile-only fnl_fcs.c(......supporting file).

sdcc --debug --stack-after-data --model-large nstl_app_3.c fnl_fcs.rel(nstl_app_3.c main file).
packihx nstl_app_3.ihx
every thing is fine until here (i am getting 24k ihx packet)
but when i give packihx nstl_app_3.ihx > nstl_app_3.hex
here is the problem and i am getting 20k hex packet which and when loaded on chip i am not getting the output. earlier i had got 24k hex packet and had got the o\p .so plz suggest me what might be the problem of this 20k hex packet.