eclipseSDCC project is dead?

  • Ekawahyu Susilo

    Ekawahyu Susilo - 2010-03-27

    Anyone knows how to contact the admin of eclipseSDCC? The project seems dead. I have little to no experience about plugin, but I am willing to learn and maintain it. Thanks.

  • Maarten Brock

    Maarten Brock - 2010-03-31

    Hi ekawahyu,

    Have you tried to send him a message through SourceForge?

    If that doesn't work and you're serious about maintaining it, maybe we should fork it and add it to the SDCC project.


  • Ekawahyu Susilo

    Ekawahyu Susilo - 2010-03-31

    I did. I sent email to three persons who might have been in contact him. One reply says that he haven't received any reply from the author for over a year and I am still waiting for others. Then, I tried to contact Laurentiu Matei through facebook and I hope I am contacting the right guy (I found his name from eclipseSDCC website, right after the copyright statement).

    I have no idea about plugin programming, but this will be a great chance for me to start with. It is too bad to see it dying just like that. I believe that we can make it alive with the emerging WSN with 8051 core.

    Marteen, you can fork it to SDCC project, but how can you avoid people not to get confused with the original eclipse-sddc site at sourceforge?


  • Brandon Fosdick

    Brandon Fosdick - 2010-03-31

    If the project owner isn't communicating in a reasonable time frame you can submit a project takeover request. However, I can tell you from experience that it takes many months to get through the process. But the process does work.

  • Borut Ražem

    Borut Ražem - 2010-03-31

    My opinion is that it would be better to continue the development on the "original" branch. Even if it takes few months to get the project takeover is possible to make a temporary fork of the project, an when the takeover is approved, the fork can be re-merged to the original project and the forked project removed.

    I don't think that it is a good idea to include the eclipseSDCC code into the sdcc project: it is already over-bloated, there are already many unmaintained peaces of code included (for example sdcdb, stuff in sdccextra, …), which we don't know what to do with it…


  • Ekawahyu Susilo

    Ekawahyu Susilo - 2010-04-01

    Borut, that was exactly what I thought. The idea to takeover the project was to integrate sdcdb better (or any debugger that there is) into Eclipse. This could leverage the use of SDCC among beginner, because this is exactly what they look for (compiler+debugger within and IDE). I will wait for another week before writing an email to sourceforge for taking over the eclipseSDCC. Meanwhile if someone can help me to speed up the transition process, you are more than welcome :)

    BTW, who is the principal developer of SDCDB? I think I can start with that one while waiting for the response from eclipseSDCC guys.


  • Borut Ražem

    Borut Ražem - 2010-04-01

    The original developer of sdcdb seems to be Sandeep Dutta, at least from the copyright notice. The initial checkin to CVS was done by Michael Hope Jan 17, 2000.



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