what exactly is code_idata?

  • rudolf

    rudolf - 2007-03-13

    i get this error
    error: no target memory available for section "code_idata"

    have a pic16f628 project with 2 files.
    i could reduce the variables memory to around 30 bytes in each file, but i still get the error message.

    could you help me please?
    what does it mean? how can i know how much memory i am using?

    thanks a lot!

    • Raphael Neider

      Raphael Neider - 2007-03-13

      Have a look at the .asm files generated by compiling your source files. In idata.asm (generated from your idata.c, which you supposedly have in your project), you will find a `code_idata code' section accumulating all the functions defined in that file.
      Actually, you rather seem to have run out of code space (<2k in your device) than to have exceeded the RAM limits (80 + 80 + 48 = 208 bytes in three banks).

      To examine your memory/code usage, run `gpvo idata.o' on the generated .o file and inspect `Size of Section' under Section Header for Name code_idata.


      • rudolf

        rudolf - 2007-03-14

        Indeed, my code was to large. The same code compiled without any error message on the last version of SDCC (2.6.0), but it had a lot of bugs.
        I donno if the snapshot i used makes larger files, or if 2.6.0 does not check memory boundaries, but the bugs seem to be solved (at least my pic is runnign well now).

        thanks again!


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