Debugging startup code

  • Scott August

    Scott August - 2008-08-14

    I am having a problem using the ddd/sdcdb debugger to step through the startup code.  I am not sure that I am linking correctly (no link errors) and it seems like the code execution is going off into the weeds.  When I startup ddd/sdcdb/s51 with my code, it only shows the code starting with main.  Is there a way to see the asm startup code that is linked in to be able to set break points and/or step through the startup code? 

    • ISA2823

      ISA2823 - 2008-09-03

      Usually when you compile, a "YOUR_PROGRAM_NAME.lst" file is generated with the assembler of your 'C' written program, and can be opened as a text file. Is that what you mean? Also, I'm not sure  there is any way to 'step through' any code using sdcc. I would like to know that myself (if such a thing even exists).
      Best of luck

      • Scott August

        Scott August - 2008-09-03

        No, that is not what I mean, and yes I am aware of the files that the compiler produces.  I was using the gnu ddd debugger to step through my code (not on the target).  Compiling with debug, you can see the asm and c code and set break points, however the first access that I have found to do this is the beginning of main().  There is asm startup code that the compiler links in, and this is the code that I would like to step through with the debugger.


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