sdcc and Texas Inst. CC1110

  • egyptfireman

    egyptfireman - 2008-04-13

    Hello all,

    I am considering using sdcc with the Texas Inst cc1110 radio with an embedded 8051 core. The part has a "unified" memory layout to do DMA on the chip. I would like interested parties to review the spec sheet section 11, paticularly the address model discussion, and offer an opinion if sdcc can handle the part. I suspect that it might also be a linker issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated

    • Frieder Ferlemann

      The cc1110 has an embeddded 8051 core and
      the data sheet on the link you have given
      states on its first page:
      "SW compatible with CC2510Fx/CC2511Fx"

      Since 2006-08-10 SDCC ships with an header file cc2510fx.h

      • Maarten Brock

        Maarten Brock - 2008-04-14

        Make sure you have _XPAGE defined somewhere (it's not in cc2510fx.h though it should) to overlay MPAGE or modify crtxinit.asm to make use of the dual data pointers. Also tell the linker where xram is located.

        • Maarten Brock

          Maarten Brock - 2008-04-14

          And besides cc2510fx.h SDCC also already has cc1110.h (which does contain _XPAGE).


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