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  • Matthieu Peeters

    OK, since the developers forum is very quiet, I'm going to post this here.

    I wrote the start of a library for floating point arithmetics, so far only +,-,*,/ and sqrt.  It works with 80bits numbers but its ieee compatible in double (64 bits), and it should be easy to add float (32 bits) compatibility.

    Its GPL, written in C and only uses +,-,<< and >> operations (for the Z80) and mostly 8-bit numbers.

    If someone is interrested, I can mail the source, its about 8k.



  • Robert Ramey

    Robert Ramey - 2009-11-14

    I would be interested in such a a package.

    Robert Ramey

  • Babu

    Babu - 2010-04-03

    i am instereted in this package…please mail me to pbabu12@gmail.com

  • José Bray

    José Bray - 2012-09-16

    Hello Mathia,

    Despite this message is rather old, I try to reach you here…
    There's a thing I can't figure out: how do you make the compiler to provide you some 80bits binary constants from the C source file ?

    As far as I can understand, this part of parsing rely on gcc libraries (or even yacc lexical conf…)

    Or did I miss something ?



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