mevm - 2011-02-22

I don't know whether it's the right place to ask, but the Plugin's dedicated website is not working right now.

I'm trying to compile a simple code for 8051 using Eclipse with this plugin.

#include <8051.h>
void delay()
      int i,j;
      for(i = 0;i<=100;i++)
            for(j = 0;j<=100;j++);
void main()
            P1_0 =0;    // led glow
            P1_0 = 1;   // led off

when I run "build" it fails with the following output:

**** Build of configuration Release for project test ****
make -k all 
Building file: ../test.c
Invoking: SDCC Compiler
sdcc -c -I"D:\eclipse\SDCC\include\mcs51" -Wall --verbose --model-small -o"test.rel" "../test.c" && \
echo -n test.d ./ > test.d && \
sdcc -c -MM -I"D:\eclipse\SDCC\include\mcs51" -Wall --verbose --model-small  "../test.c" >> test.d
sdas Assembler V02.00 + NoICE + SDCC mods + Flat24  (Intel 8051)
Usage: [-Options] file
Usage: [-Options] outfile file1 [file2 file3 ...]
  -d   Decimal listing
  -q   Octal   listing
  -x   Hex     listing (default)
  -j   Add line number and debug information to file
  -g   Undefined symbols made global
  -a   All user symbols made global
  -l   Create list   output file1[lst]
  -o   Create object output file1[rel]
  -s   Create symbol output file1[sym]
  -c   Generate sdcdb debug information
  -p   Disable listing pagination
  -w   Wide listing format for symbol table
  -z   Enable case sensitivity for symbols
  -f   Flag relocatable references by  `   in listing file
  -ff  Flag relocatable references by mode in listing file
  -I   Add the named directory to the include file
       search path.  This option may be used more than once.
       Directories are searched in the order given.
sdcc: Calling preprocessor...
sdcc: Generating code...
sdcc: Calling assembler...
make: *** [test.rel] Error 1
make: Target `all' not remade because of errors.

what can I do?