Cypress Hex2Bix generating iic files

  • Ken Sallings

    Ken Sallings - 2008-12-11

    Hello all.  I searched and searched for an opensource iic file generator; has anyone found such a tool.  I prefer to not have to use windows in order to create an iic file.

    • Oliver Sedlacek

      Oliver Sedlacek - 2008-12-11

      Please clarify what you expect this program to do. Do you need a burn a bin file into an iic EPROM?

    • Ken Sallings

      Ken Sallings - 2008-12-14

      I am using a Cypress FX2 micro.  I want a program that converts an intel hex file into a binary format that can be loaded into an iic EPROM.  The current process is as follows.  Using SDCC I compile the code and an intel hex file is output.  Then I use Cypress' HEX2BIX tool which creates an iic file.  Using objcpy doesn't create the file in the proper format.  Is there any open source tool that replaces the HEX2BIX tool?

    • Maarten Brock

      Maarten Brock - 2008-12-15

      Cypress has put the hex2bix source code in the Development Kit. Maybe you can recompile it. As it is a command line tool I doubt it uses many windows specific libraries if any.

      The license seems to indicate you may do so as long as you keep their license with it.

    • Ken Sallings

      Ken Sallings - 2008-12-15

      Thanks for the help MaartenBrock; I feel really silly.  I went and reverse engineered the conversion for nothing.  I wish I had posted here sooner, so that I could get back those 4 hours of my life.  :)


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