• Diego Santini

    Diego Santini - 2008-03-30

         Has SDCC suport for dsPIC30F?

    • AP2k

      AP2k - 2008-10-04

      To my knowledge, sdcc does not support the dsPIC. However, Microchip's C30 compiler is based on GCC, thus the source code for their compiler is available: http://www.microchip.com/stellent/idcplg?IdcService=SS_GET_PAGE&nodeId=1406&dDocName=en023073

      The C30 compiler works for all the 24 and 30-series chips. (30,330series are dsPICs)

      However, there are no software libraries associated with the source code, and the headers and library files in the student version of C30 are intellectual property of Microchip and they don't give it away freely. So you will have to write all the low level code and header files in order to use the libraries.

      • Diego Santini

        Diego Santini - 2008-10-04

        Thanks ap2k,

        I'm already using Microchip's C30 compiler!


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