Problems with malloc (for Z80)

  • Oleg N. Cher

    Oleg N. Cher - 2013-07-16

    Running this code, malloc returns a piece of memory first two times, but after it, malloc returns only 0, although the default size of heap is 1 Kb - that should be enough.

    include "malloc.h" // I've removed # and use "" instead of other brackets

    struct Person *PersonPtr;
    struct Person {
    CHAR name[20];
    INTEGER age;
    CHAR sex;
    PersonPtr next;
    } Person;

    static PersonPtr john, mike, lisa, bob, iren;

    int main(int argc, char **argv)
    john = malloc(sizeof(Person));
    mike = malloc(sizeof(Person));
    lisa = malloc(sizeof(Person));
    bob = malloc(sizeof(Person));
    iren = malloc(sizeof(Person));
    return 0;

    Here is BAT-file to compile (under Windows):

    @SET Bin=....\Bin
    @SET Lib=....\Lib
    @SET CodeAddr=40000
    @SET DataAddr=50000

    %Bin%\sdcc DynMem.c -mz80 --code-loc %CodeAddr% --data-loc %DataAddr% --reserve-regs-iy -I "." -I %Lib%\include -I %Lib% -L %Lib%/z80 Basic.lib --disable-warning 85
    @IF errorlevel 1 PAUSE

    I've experimented with this code under ZX Spectrum emulator, here is link to have more info:

    Other interest moment is that I cannot compile standard SDCC's file _heap.c (if I've specified the option -mz80, SDCC does not accept keyword __xdata) - thus, we lose the possibility to set the size of the heap. But if I do not specify -mz80, SDCC compiles _heap.c perfectly, but for CPU 8051 - by default. How can I specify heap size for Z80?

  • Maarten Brock

    Maarten Brock - 2013-07-17

    You should use heap.s instead of _heap.c for the z80.
    You should also call _sdcc_heap_init() for the z80.

  • Oleg N. Cher

    Oleg N. Cher - 2013-07-18

    Thank you, Maarten! It works.

    But good to add this things to SDCC's documentation. (I not found it there).


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