SDCC to TI-8* calculator

Ben Hsu
  • Ben Hsu

    Ben Hsu - 2002-02-22

        Since TI-8* calculators all uses Z80 CPU for processing.  Is it possible that SDCC can output the same format that the TI-8* assembly language calls for?


    • Anonymous - 2002-10-17

      Yes it is possible.

      Change the z80 crt0.s file to suport whatever system you desire.  Then re-assemble it with
      as-z80 -glo crt0.o crt0.s

      • Tim Franssen

        Tim Franssen - 2007-09-12

        I'd imagine that you'd also have to change the output file format. Or does crt0.s also control the header data and output format of one of the output files?

        Say I were to rewrite crt0.s to target Texas Instruments calculators, would you be interested in having it? Or has it already been done by someone?


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