SDCC and Eclipse CDT 5

Rob Roy
  • Rob Roy

    Rob Roy - 2009-01-30


    First, the Eclipse editor/outliner/call heirarchy/etc are

    Historically I have been working with the Keil C51 and Pic 18 and Pic 30 compilers..but I am interested
    in SDCC for reasons of combining libraries and code so that most of the usual stuff is covered regardless
    of the target. The arm targets use the gnu toolchain so they already work in my environment.

    I have installed SDCC and at the command line it looks like it is working. I am in the process of
    working through old code to test against a cygnal 8051 hardware but do not have positive confirmation
    at this time that the SDCC toolchain is in proper order. But because I already work with Eclipse for GCC
    targets, I am moving forward to see what level of integration is possible with Eclipse IDE (CDT 5.01)

    I attempted to install via cut and paste the EclipseSDCC 1.0 files to sub-folders of the Eclipse installation, however it does not appear to have installed properly or does not work for other reasons.  Perhaps I have not done it correctly? To test it, in the workbench I created a new project but the MSC51 toolchain does not show up under the options. Am I alone in this finding? I will cross post to the Eclipse SDCC forums as well as here, and
    in the chance that some may find this off topic, my apologies but hey, you are the folks that are intimate with
    SDCC so it would seem that I would find smart people here with answers or at least helpful opinions...



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