How well does SDCC work for PIC?

  • Clemens eisserer

    Hi there,

    I am currently planning a heating-control-system for a 50year old heating system which has some special requirements ;)
    I am not quite sure wether I should use a PIC (prefered) or an 8051 for this task, how well does code generation for the PIC18MCU work?

    Thank you in advance, lg Clemens

    PS: do tools exist for Linux which can program 8051 and/or PIC chips?

    • Oliver Sedlacek

      Oliver Sedlacek - 2006-11-04

      I don't know much about PICs, but the Atmel FLIP program can program many Atmel 8051s, and it runs on Linux. There's also a lot of information in the forums on


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