egyptfireman - 2007-07-18

The following message was just posted on the Dallas discussion board. I would like to continue to work on my project but need to know if the SDCC really works with the DS89C400 eval board and the Dallas libraries. Is anyone else reading this is using this part and if so what is the level of success. I would like to continue but need a group of interested users, including the compiler/assembler/linker developers to work through the issues. I see a lot of activity with the PIC parts and that is good, but this Dallas part with the inexpensive eval boards providing ethernet connectivity (Http server, a large adressing range) is too good of a platform not to be able to be used....thanks to all who read this and care to respond.

"Last spring I was working on a project for using 1 wire devices as well as the serial port to gather some real time information at 300 baud. The serial port runs continuaously so I wrote and interrupt driven background task that passes byte data through the 128 byes of RAM. My application incorporates an http server and I started with the sample from the dallas web site. I was able to pass text to my browser and able to make my interrupt routine run. I was not able to pass data into tasks running under the task scheduler even though the assembly listing showed the proper move instructions. Network activity stops the interrupt routine. I believe that could be issues with data overwriting in ram yet the linker does not show a conflict in the map. Compiling and linking the Dallas library test routines produces romseg overlay errors. It makes me wounder if the linker needs work

I have seen very little SDCC/DS89c400 activity on this forum and the SourceForge (SDCC) forum. The Dallas libraries have been in Beta since 2004. While I don't argue that tools have to be free, the Kiel software is out of reach for mere mortals and Java is another issue. Before I go any further, Is anyone using SDCC software successfully? Can Dallas put any resources into it, even if they resell at a reasonable cost? Might not someone from Dallas freelance a little and write a book on this stuff. The product DS89C400 and the possibilities it brings are too great to be beyond the reach the average student or independent single developer."