• Grigore-Mihai Dobra

    What does "Not maintained, not complete" mean, when talking about Phillips XA? Ok, 'not maintained' is pretty straight-forward, but what does 'not complete mean'? What is NOT yet implemented?

    And why the NXP XA architecture is abandoned, therefore 'not maintained'?

    Well, found nothing good for this architecture, only commercial software, which I can't afford.

    Thank you.

    • Maarten Brock

      Maarten Brock - 2008-10-05

      There are no current developers with knowledge about the XA and AFAIK SDCC cannot even be compiled for the XA target.

      • Grigore-Mihai Dobra

        Ok, ok. No developers for XA, I know that. But, my question was about what is NOT YET IMPLEMENTED for the XA compiler.

        I am interested in the XA, searched for compilers but found nothing more than proprietary tools, drastically limited as evaluation versions, or too expensive, for full versions. So I want to know what is still to be implemented for this architecture to work at least for PAGE 0 mode.

        I may be interested in working on the compiler, but this diverts me from my primary work, that is, writing the embedded code. Anyway, it seems that I can't continue without a good compiler.

        So, my question which is addressed mainly to the developers, still remains.

        • Maarten Brock

          Maarten Brock - 2008-10-08

          I'm one of those developers and I think none of us even know what is and what is not implemented.

          A first step to investigate this would be to see if it even compiles. The next could be to see if SDCC can compile all regression tests for the XA. Then check if there is a simulator and verify the regression test output. Once it passes all regression tests it is maintained ;)


          • Grigore-Mihai Dobra

            Ok, it seems that in SDCC 2.8.0 there is support for NXP XA(option -mxa) but it gives a warning when compiling; the code generation also exists - I looked it up in the source code.

            I hoped that somebody could tell me exactly what language elements are not parsed/generated. Also, as far as I understand, the compiler generates assembler source code which is then converted to executable code. For NXP XA, the assembler is "Paul's Assembler" which seems to be fully functional.

            I may be interested in doing the port for this controller - the need forces me. I have a board featuring this controller which will, I hope, be my University Diploma Project.

            Other compilers, as I described before, are not satisfactory for such a thing.

            Anyway, I still want to get more information about SDCC and NXP XA as I haven't worked on a compiler, and I want to estimate the amount of work/time would take me to get this rolling.


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