BLRCalvin - 2011-05-12

Dear Developers,

Kudos to all the team behind this wonderful tool chain. In order to improve the SDCC test framework, I propose the following:

Since GCC & SDCC are both open source tool chains, is it possible to consider adding applicable GCC C-torture tests to SDCC testsuite? This is because the torture tests are more in number and could cover those missing in SDCC. I hope licensing should not be an issue. If I am wrong, I would be happy to correct myself.

My personal observation is that a few tests on type conversions, optimizations involving pointers, loops, built-in library routines are failing when SDCC 3.0.2 is tested with C-torture suite.

If you are open to include these, I am ready to contribute to this topic. In any case, please let me know your opinions on this.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Raghunath Lolur.