#357 I want see the source code!!


I am working in a windows98 PC. I have download the
files sdcc from sourceforge.net. But when I´m going to
work with it I can´t. I have had several problems.
first I installed correctly the cygwin package. it works
well some instructions but when i´m going to execute
the instruction ./configure, make and meke install, I
have a message that told me that this file doesn´t
And I haven´t could see functioning the sdcc.
My name is yamile and I´m student in Systems
engineering and I´m working in my thesis for my
graduation. I have lost a lot of time trying to use the
sdcc. My project consist in to do a compiller for MCU
GP32. My manager todl me that I could change the
last phase in its construction.
Please if somebody can help me I´ll be very grateful.


  • Michael Hope

    Michael Hope - 2002-07-16

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    Hi Yamile. Have a look at the top of the configure script - it will probably refer to /bin/sh which doesn't exist in cygwin. Try running it directly, sah 'bash ./configure'. You may also need to set the configure shell variable incase it refers to /bin/sh later in the script, or you could create a symlink in /bin. I recommend posting to the sdcc-users or sdcc-devel list if you have iterative problems like this.

  • Bernhard Held

    Bernhard Held - 2002-07-17

    Logged In: YES

    >it will probably refer to /bin/sh which doesn't exist in cygwin.
    /bin/sh is in the package ash. Installing ash is simply a must,
    it's required by many scripts and programs.

  • Bernhard Held

    Bernhard Held - 2002-07-22
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  • Bernhard Held

    Bernhard Held - 2002-07-22

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    This isn't really a bug. Further discussions in sdcc-user.


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