#2067 Compiler crash

z80 port (188)

The attached code nakes sdcc 3.2.1 #8062 invoked using --std-c99 -mz80 --opt-code-size test.c crash giving

test.c:36: warning 110: conditional flow changed by optimizer: so said EVELYN the modified DOG
test.c:42: error 9: FATAL Compiler Internal Error in file 'gen.c' line number '1555' : Symbol in register, but no register assigned.
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Symbol iTemp21 at ic 18.
Caught signal 11: SIGSEGV

This seems to be some weird interaction of register allocation and builtin functions.



  • Philipp Klaus Krause

  • Erik Petrich

    Erik Petrich - 2012-09-17

    I believe this is fixed with revision #8110.

    The error was occurring during the dry run pass. Although assign_operands_for_cost() ensures that all of the operands for the built-in SENDs are updated for the contemplated register assignment, inst_sane() was only called for the first SEND. iTemp21 was used the second SEND and was only half assigned to registers, leaving the code generator bewildered.

  • Erik Petrich

    Erik Petrich - 2012-09-17
    • milestone: --> fixed
    • assigned_to: nobody --> epetrich
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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