#2048 Simple HC08 program cannot be output to ELF

hc08 port (43)

I really wanted to use the ELF format in my project, but I could not get a simple test working.

int main()
return 0;

sdcc test.c -mhc08 --out-fmt-elf
test.asm:99: Error: <o> .org in REL area or directive / mnemonic error
test.asm:105: Error: <o> .org in REL area or directive / mnemonic error
removing test.rel


  • Lee Morrison

    Lee Morrison - 2012-06-19

    A bit of experimenting reveals that the sdas08 assembler does not like statement like:

    S(null)$main$4 ==.

    which only show up when the -out-fmt-elf option is present.
    You may try to add the "--debug" option before the -out-fmt-elf as a work-around.

    The above assembly lines are generated by hc08_emitDebuggerSymbol .
    Turning on --debug removes the "(null)" from the assembly code generated.

    Aside from that, both the assembly code and
    the assembler options (-plosgffw) match.

  • Blake W. Ford

    Blake W. Ford - 2012-06-20

    --debug does work. However the code bloat is a serious complication.

  • Maarten Brock

    Maarten Brock - 2012-06-20


    Can you elaborate on that?
    What do you consider code bloat?
    And why do you prefer the ELF format if it is not for debugging info?


  • Blake W. Ford

    Blake W. Ford - 2012-06-20

    I'd like something binary as my final output format, and there are many existing tools to parse ELF files. I suppose I am not completely tied to the format, but my domain knowledge / desktop programming consistency is the real driver.

  • Erik Petrich

    Erik Petrich - 2012-09-06
    • milestone: --> fixed
    • assigned_to: nobody --> epetrich
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Erik Petrich

    Erik Petrich - 2012-09-06

    Fixed in revision #8087.
    Although --debug fixed the problem with the assembly generated, there were also some bugs in the linker that corrupted the debug sections and the interrupt vector section in the ELF file.


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