#1853 sdcc -E differs from sdcpp


Hi devs,
I see a difference between sdcc with only pre-processor and sdcpp.
I use some info in the pre defined macros, and to keep our multi-architecture build environment.

I give you the test suite.
With an empty file (dummy.c), we use this command to get the pre-processor parser outputs:
$ sdcc -E -Wp-dM dummy.c
This gives us the defined SDCC, the version & revission.
If we do the same with sdcpp, we miss SDCC, version & revision (i think it should have)
$ sdcpp -dM dummy.c


  • Maarten Brock

    Maarten Brock - 2011-09-26
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    • assigned_to: nobody --> maartenbrock
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  • Maarten Brock

    Maarten Brock - 2011-09-26

    But it is sdcc that enters those defines on the command line when it calls sdcpp. If you use --verbose you can see that. I don't see why this is a bug.

  • Rafael Campos Las Heras

    I think it`s inconsistent output. I see the same response in gcc & cpp
    $ gcc -E -dM dummy.c
    $ cpp -dM dummy.c

  • Rafael Campos Las Heras

    • status: pending-rejected --> open-rejected
  • Borut Ražem

    Borut Ražem - 2011-09-29
    • status: open-rejected --> closed-rejected
  • Borut Ražem

    Borut Ražem - 2011-09-29

    There is a big difference between preprocessor implementations in gcc and sdcc: in gcc the preprocessor is built-in: is a part of gcc itself, while in sdcc sdcpp it is a totally separate application. Sdcc calls sdcpp by passing sdcc specific macros on the command line:
    sdcc -V -E -Wp-dM dummy.c shows the following:
    + "sdcpp" -nostdinc -Wall -dM -obj-ext=.rel -DSDCC_MODEL_SMALL -DSDCC_FLOAT_REENT -DSDCC=304 -DSDCC_REVISION=6752 -DSDCC_mcs51 -D__mcs51 ...

    So sdcpp doesn't know anything about sdcc, unless it receives macro definitions from the command line, which happens when sdcpp is called from sdcc.



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