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Version 0.53 Released

Version 0.53 is released today.

Bug fixes include,

Now works with SharpDevelop v0.91
Root namespaces are converted in VB.Net projects
Configuration information is imported/exported from solution files
Files are placed in more sensible directories
Other minor bug fixes and tweaks

Posted by Andrew Wilkinson 2002-09-30

Version 0.52 released

Major change for this release is the support of SharpDevelop 0.89 (and hopefully 0.90), as well as a number of bug-fixes.

Posted by Andrew Wilkinson 2002-09-02

SD VS.Net Importer/Exporter Project

Welcome to the SharpDevelop VS.Net Importer/Exporter sourceforge project page. Over the next few days I'll be submitting the current source code and binaries, as well as setting everything up.


Posted by Andrew Wilkinson 2002-08-14