#657 Cloud storage saves


It would be really cool to have save games persisted in the cloud using Dropbox, Google drive or any of the other cloud storage solutions. This way save games can be synchronized across devices automatically.


  • digitall

    digitall - 2014-04-21

    This is very unlikely to be implemented for several major reasons:
    1. Technical: ScummVM has no network API in OSystem, partly as this is not
    required for most point and click adventures which are single

    1. Security: Adding this would expose user devices to possible attack from
      network devices and we would not like to deal with the impact of

    2. Freedom: Though the services you describe are free to use i.e. as in beer,
      they are not libre i.e. free as in freedom.

    3. Better Alternatives: If the team were going to implement network
      functionality, it would likely be support for a standard network drive
      support for users to store game data and savegames on local home NAS
      storage. We have some limited support for this in some ports already
      implemented by their support libraries, exposed into the OSystem FS API
      i.e. Wii/Gamecube.

    4. Savegame portability: Although we try very hard to ensure savegames are
      portable between platforms, this can fail in some cases i.e. if one platform
      compresses savegames and the other does not as zlib is not available or

    Overall, I think the view would be that this is out of scope i.e. you can implement this by syncing your savegame directories between devices using an external program and this would cover most use-cases e.g. using Dropbox on Android/IOS/Win32 etc. should work fine, barring the caveat above about savegame portability.

    Closing as later... maybe.

  • digitall

    digitall - 2014-04-21
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  • Filippos Karapetis

    You can change ScummVM's savegame directory to point to a directory synced by Dropbox/Copy, e.g. My Documents\Dropbox\ScummVM Saves. Thus, this can easily be handled by Dropbox/Copy/whatever cloud sync app

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