#6435 TOON: wrong aspect ratio in Android version

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ScummVM version: 1.7.0 developer version from Oct 26 2013 (android plugins are from that date, too)
Language of game: English
Platform: Android

When playing this game on my Nexus 10 (2012 edition), the aspect ratio of Toonstruck is 16:10. It should be 4:3, like in the PC Version. Other games like Monkey Island have the correct ratio of 4:3 on my tablet.


  • ottoman

    ottoman - 2013-10-27
    • summary: wrong aspect ratio in Android version --> TOON: wrong aspect ratio in Android version
  • digitall

    digitall - 2013-10-30

    ottoman123: Some questions to help progress this bug...
    1. Is this a regression? ie. Does the same behaviour occur with the stable releases which have included the Toon Engine ie. v1.5.0, v1.4.0 and v1.3.0 (v1.6.0 is not yet in the Google Play store, but can be downloaded from the buildbot as the latest stable build http://buildbot.scummvm.org/builds.html )

    2. What are your Graphics Settings in Options->Graphics for Toonstruck and Globally i.e. Do you have aspect ratio correction enabled? Graphics Mode at Default, Normal (No Scaling) etc.?

  • digitall

    digitall - 2013-10-30
    • assigned_to: nobody --> sylvaintv
    • status: open --> pending
  • Eugene Sandulenko

    • status: pending --> closed

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