#5475 T7G: App Crashes Attempting To Save

7th Guest
Will Oram

Running 7th Guest on ScummVM 1.2 for Mac. Numerous times I attempted to save in-game using the directory ~/Documents/ScummVM Savegames, and each time ScummVM crashed unexpectedly. (See attached crash log.) I then went to SVM's options for 7th Guest and tried to choose the above directory again as my savegame path (in case, y'know, something changed in how savegames work...it had been a long time since I touched SVM before now). SVM wouldn't let me, insisting the directory couldn't be written to. Seemed dubious, because I could write to it, but I won't challenge it. I then changed it to somewhere outside of my home directory, and 7th Guest saved my games fine.

TL;DR: ScummVM crashes when trying to save to a directory it can't write to.


  • Will Oram

    Will Oram - 2010-10-22

    Crash log

  • Filippos Karapetis

    • summary: App Crashes Attempting To Save --> T7G: App Crashes Attempting To Save
  • Jordi Vilalta Prat

    Hello, Will. Answer some questions, please:

    - Does it only happen with 7th Guest or with other games too?
    - Does the new savegames directory have whitespaces too? The old one that made it crash had a whitespace: "ScummVM Savegames"
    - Try copying one of the savedgames you saved on the new directory into the old "ScummVM Savegames", configure ScummVM to use that directory for savegames, load that game and try to save to another slot.

    It's strange since you say you can write to that directory.

  • Will Oram

    Will Oram - 2010-11-07

    Sorry, didn't notice the ticket had changed.

    Most of the questions I'll have to defer for later when I get a chance to experiment, but one I can answer immediately:

    'Does the new savegames directory have whitespaces too? The old one that made it crash had a whitespace: "ScummVM Savegames"'
    ...Yes. The full path to the new dir, which I created fresh solely because of this crash, is /Games/Emulation/ScummVM Saved Games.

  • Eugene Sandulenko

    Raising priority. This is a release-critical bug.

  • Eugene Sandulenko

    • priority: 5 --> 9
  • spookypeanut

    spookypeanut - 2011-04-24

    I can replicate this crash when trying to save a game to a non-writable directory, I'll have a look into fixing it.
    I tried the same in scumm (MI2), and it popped up an error window, but tinsel (DW1) also crashed (with a different error message).

  • spookypeanut

    spookypeanut - 2011-04-24
    • assigned_to: nobody --> spookypeanut
  • spookypeanut

    spookypeanut - 2011-04-25

    Just pushed a fix for this. If the savegame is not writable, it will now pop up a gui message and skip, instead of crashing,

  • spookypeanut

    spookypeanut - 2011-04-25
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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