#5340 LURE: Ratpouch is continuously leaving/re-entering rooms 7/8


With scummvm-1.1.1, in the German version of lure, Ratpouch shows some strange behavior in room 2 or the room connected to it:
Ratpouch does not follow Diermot to other rooms anymore, but instead leaves the room, and re-enters it immediately. In the room which Ratpouch enters, you can see him appear briefly, and then disappear again. Something with the hotspots seems to be messed up, but I do not understand the code well enough to fix it or work around it at the moment.

I am going to attach a savegame and a log file. Hope that helps.


  • Nico

    Nico - 2010-09-06

    save game showing the bug with Ratpouch

  • Nico

    Nico - 2010-09-06

    log file generated with ‘scummvm --debuglevel=3 --debugflags=animations,scripts,hotspots,strings’; Ratpouch was acting weirdly

  • Jordi Vilalta Prat

    • assigned_to: nobody --> dreammaster
  • clone2727

    clone2727 - 2010-09-07
    • summary: Ratpouch is continuously leaving/re-entering room 2(?) --> LURE: Ratpouch is continuously leaving/re-entering room 2(?)
  • Nico

    Nico - 2010-09-08
    • summary: LURE: Ratpouch is continuously leaving/re-entering room 2(?) --> LURE: Ratpouch is continuously leaving/re-entering rooms 7/8
  • Nico

    Nico - 2010-09-08

    It is not room 2, sorry. Ratpouch continuously leaves room 8, and enters room 7, and the other way round.

  • Paul Gilbert

    Paul Gilbert - 2010-09-09

    Hi nico18,

    You weren't entirely wrong. For some reason, Ratpouch has a schedule to "return" to the player in room 2. The question is how that came to be the case, since the player is only in the Outer Cell room at the start of the game. It would help to know if you did anything special when exiting the cell - did Ratpouch, for example, have any extra commands apart from pushing the bricks?

    If you could give me an idea of what you were doing last when Ratpouch was with you, it might help better understand how this happened.

  • Eugene Sandulenko

    Raising priority. This is a release-critical bug.

  • Eugene Sandulenko

    • priority: 5 --> 9
  • Nico

    Nico - 2010-09-09

    Hi dreammaster and others,

    I understand what you explained. Unfortunately, I do not remember anything special about Ratpouch when I left the cell. I do not think that I gave him extra commands.

    I tried to reproduce the bug with an older savegame, but had no luck. (But found another bug, which I have just filed as item 3062794. ;-) )

    After leaving the cell, Diermot walked around in town for a while, talked to several people, etc. Ratpouch usually followed him. Which sometimes was quite annoying, because Diermot kept bumping into him. Anyway, his schedule was usually empty then, and I do not remember giving him any orders – but I might have accidently clicked on something without remembering it

    At some point in time, I moved Diermot back to room 7 (because I had lost my way), and Ratpouch followed him. I remember that Diermot stood right in front of the canalization, and Ratpouch as well. Then, I had Diermot leave the room and continued to play for a while. I thought that Ratpouch was following him within a distance of one room or so, but that Diermot was changing rooms too fast for Ratpouch to catch up. It seemed like a good thing, though, because Diermot did not keep running into him all the time. ;-)
    I only noticed that Ratpouch was missing when I wanted to open the lock on the door of the building at the market place. I went looking for Ratpouch and found him in room 7/8. In room 7, I was able to make Diermot pass the lock pick to him when Ratpouch paused for a second. He took it. I could move Diermot to room 8 (to which Ratpouch followed him), and I could go back to room 7 again. However, Ratpouch did not leave room 7 again in Northern direction. When I started debugging, I found that he had that strange action with room#2 in his schedule.

    That’s all I remember about this problem. I doubt that it’ll help much, but one shouldn’t lose hope too early, right? ;-)

    If I can do anything more to help with debugging/fixing this problem, please leave a comment. Thanks.

  • Paul Gilbert

    Paul Gilbert - 2010-10-05

    I'm pretty confident I've traced the problem. The problem was in the 'blocked exit' handling - when a room exit is blocked for five attempts, NPCs are supposed to return to the player's current room.. instead/previously it was sending Ratpouch to the room the player previously issued commands to Ratpouch from.

    In this case, the previous command room was room 2 (the outer cell). Hence the cycling between two rooms, since there's no way to get back to cells again after you leave them. This won't fix the savegame attached to this bug report, since the problem has already occurred, but rather properly prevent it from happening again.
    game was incorrectly trying to send Ratpouch to the starting room f

  • Paul Gilbert

    Paul Gilbert - 2010-10-05
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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