#4621 GOB3: Cannot continue in game

GOB: Goblins 3

Testing the September 26th SVN on Windows XP, Game: Goblins Quest 3 CD (DOS/English).

In the screen with Queen Xina, for some reason after obtaining the axe Fulbert will no longer climb the thing to knock the skull over. He will be able to the first time you enter the room, but any time after that, no dice.


  • Ethan Sherr-Ziarko

    demonstration of the bug

  • Eugene Sandulenko

    Raising priority. This is a release-critical bug.

  • Eugene Sandulenko

    • priority: 5 --> 9
  • Eugene Sandulenko

    • assigned_to: nobody --> drmccoy
  • bramvandijk

    bramvandijk - 2009-09-27

    I also encountered this bug. However, it was only temporary and went after a while in my case.

  • Strangerke

    Strangerke - 2009-10-19

    It seems to be the same than bug #2355116, which is referenced in the wiki as a script bug.

  • Strangerke

    Strangerke - 2009-10-25
    • status: open --> closed-duplicate
  • Eugene Sandulenko

    • labels: 415216 --> Also occurs in the original

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