Commit Date  
[r5708] by vlnb

Minor fix

2014-07-30 02:53:07 Tree
[r5707] by vlnb

Follow up for r5704: NO SENSE is also valid sense

2014-07-30 02:52:26 Tree
[r5706] by vlnb

Minor logging improvements

2014-07-30 02:27:10 Tree
[r5705] by vlnb

Print initiator and target in the abort messages

2014-07-28 23:11:14 Tree
[r5704] by vlnb

Internal REQUEST SENSE: NO SENSE is also valid sense

2014-07-26 00:04:51 Tree
[r5703] by vlnb

Review of host_status handling (pass-through mode)

Inspired by Dave Butler <> and Bart Van Assche <>

2014-07-23 02:49:50 Tree
[r5702] by vlnb

Prevent possible collisions between saved PR and mode pages backup files

From now on '.' is illegal character in SCST device names

Reported-by Ken Raeburn <>

2014-07-23 02:00:06 Tree
[r5701] by vlnb

scst: Make scst_cmd_threads.threads_list locking more fine-grained

Introduce a new synchronization object, namely scst_cmd_threads.thr_lock,
to protect scst_cmd_threads.threads_list.

Signed-off-by: Bart Van Assche <>

2014-07-22 00:22:06 Tree
[r5700] by vlnb

Web updates

2014-07-21 23:04:18 Tree
[r5699] by bvassche

iscsi-scst: Handle data buffers with non-zero offset correctly (merge r5281 from trunk)

2014-07-21 16:41:57 Tree
[r5698] by bvassche

nightly build: Update kernel versions

2014-07-20 08:37:58 Tree
[r5697] by bvassche

scst/include/scst.h: Define lockdep_assert_held() only once (follow-up for r5693)

2014-07-20 07:03:04 Tree
[r5696] by bvassche

iscsi-scst: Suppress a compiler warning (merge r5614 from trunk)

2014-07-20 06:54:00 Tree
[r5695] by bvassche

Change BUG_ON(1) into BUG() (merge r5618 from trunk)

2014-07-20 06:52:12 Tree
[r5694] by bvassche

scst: Leave out FSF mail address (merge r5572 from trunk)

2014-07-20 06:47:58 Tree
[r5693] by bvassche

scst: Make lockdep_assert_held() easier to use (merge r5573 from trunk)

2014-07-20 06:46:28 Tree
[r5692] by bvassche

qla2x00t: Documentation / source code comment / log messages spelling fix (merge r5555 from trunk)

2014-07-20 06:07:57 Tree
[r5691] by bvassche

fcst: Handle frame send failures properly (merge r5607 from trunk)

2014-07-20 06:05:27 Tree
[r5690] by bvassche

fcst: Move exch_done() calls into ft_cmd_done() (merge r5606 from trunk)

2014-07-20 06:04:43 Tree
[r5689] by bvassche

fcst: Remove an unused variable (merge r5605 from trunk)

2014-07-20 06:03:55 Tree
[r5688] by bvassche

Makefile: Only report which RPMs have been built if "make rpm" is run as a non-privileged user (merge r5560 from trunk)

2014-07-20 06:01:49 Tree
[r5687] by bvassche

iscsi-scst: Handle data buffers with non-zero offset correctly (merge r5683 from trunk)

2014-07-20 05:59:31 Tree
[r5686] by vlnb

scst_vdisk: Micro-optimize the zero-copy check

Only evaluate the SCSI command type if virt_dev->zero_copy has been
set instead of always checking the SCSI command type.

Signed-off-by: Bart Van Assche <>

2014-07-19 04:13:24 Tree
[r5685] by vlnb

scst: Introduce scst_set_thr_cpu_mask()

This patch does not change any functionality.

Signed-off-by: Bart Van Assche <>

2014-07-19 04:11:39 Tree
[r5684] by vlnb

scst: Clean up scst_process_active_cmd()

Since inside scst_process_active_cmd() cmd->state can only change after
cmd has been added back to the command list it is safe to perform the
cmd->state check without holding the command list lock. Hence move the
perform the cmd->state check without holding the command list lock.

Signed-off-by: Bart Van Assche <>

2014-07-19 04:08:30 Tree
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